The Aims of the SoME Seminar Series

The seminar series Social Movements and Media Technologies (SoME) has the following objectives:

  1. To hold six two-day seminars over the course of two years, with the aim to address key questions concerning the societal transformations affecting political participation and collective action, and to critically evaluate the relationship between social movements and media technologies.
  2. To overcome the current fragmentation of approaches that affects much research on social movements and media technologies, and to stimulate dialogue and scholarly activity in this area. In order to do so, one of the vital objectives of the proposed seminar series is to sustain the intersection of different disciplines dealing with social movements and the media, such as anthropology, sociology, political sciences, history, communication studies and explore new possibilities for social research.
  3. To share knowledge and promote the dialogue between diverse methodological approaches, both quantitative and qualitative, to investigate social movement and the media empirically.
  4. To foster international exchange and the development of meaningful analytical tools to better understand and study the media/movement dynamic across different social, political, cultural and media environments.
  5. To bring together international academic researchers at different stages of their career, with non-academic activists, civil society practitioners, media experts and policy makers to discuss the relationship between media and movements, and to discuss the relationship between social research, activism and societal impact.
  6. To publish at least one special issue journal, which explores the relationship between media, social movements and democracy drawing on a cross-cultural and comparative framework.
  7. To develop and design new collaborative research projects on media and movements.