Our Seminars


The seminars were hosted by the Centre for Global Media and Democracy at Goldsmiths University of Londphoto(1)on (CGMD) and Centre on Social Movements Studies at the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Scuola Normale Supereiore, in Florence (COSMOS). The seminar series consisted of six two-day workshops, which took place between May, 2015 and December, 2016. The seminars were  open to the public for free, and  structured around three main panels and a keynote lecture. They have all been run following the ‘slow-academia’ movement, and all presenters have been offered a slot of 25 minutes for their presentations.

SEMINAR 1 – Mobilisations: Changing Protest Cultures and Web 2.0 Technologies

SEMINAR 2 – Visibilities: Social Protest, the ‘Media’ and the Shaping of Public Opinion

SEMINAR 3 – The Activist, the Academic and Digital Media: Challenging Research, Re-Thinking Theory

SEMINAR 4 – The Missing Actor: The Meaning of Political Cultures for Media/Movements Interactions

SEMINAR 5 – The Subversion of Big Data. Cultures, Discourses and Practices of Big Data in Social Movements Contexts

SEMINAR 6 – Dark Futures? Media and Movements in the Age of Post-Truth Politics